Q: What is website hosting? A: When a website is created, if it is not uploaded to a publicly accessible server, the site will not be visible to the public. Hosting refers to the web site’s location on a public server. Think of it like renting an office space, only this real estate is strictly for your website. Q: If I have Wetworks4Biz.com register my domain on my behalf, does that mean that I do not actually own the name? A: Technically, yes and no. On paper, Wetworks4Biz.com will own your domain, however you are the owner of the domain, and as such should you ever decide you would like to transfer the domain to another registrar or to yourself, Wetworks4Biz.com will gladly facilitate the transfer on your behalf at no extra charge, however if Wetworks4Biz.com registers your site on your behalf, and you cancel your order, you will be billed for the current registration rates and this bill must be paid prior to the domain being transferred. Q: Why would I want Wetworks4Biz.com to register the site on my behalf rather than registering it myself? A: There are two reasons that you would want to have Wetworks4Biz.com register the domain on your behalf. First, to prevent a lapse in ownership of the domain. If the domain expires under your ownership, you could lose the domain easily, either to one of the many domain resellers who could purchase it with the hopes of reselling it to you or another company for a profit, or to a competitor. Secondly, if you are purchasing your site’s design and hosting services through Wetworks4Biz.com, and we register your site on your behalf, then the domain registration fees are free for as long as you are one of our clients. Having Wetworks4Biz.com register your domain for you ensures both security and savings. As an added bonus, you are insulated from spam,
and other marketing methods by having Wetworks4Biz.com register your domain because your name and business address will not be tied to the registration information that is publicly viewable through the WhoIs® Database. Q: How long does it take to make my website? A: No two sites are exactly alike, and many factors such as completeness of the information provided by the client play a role in completion times. However most sites are completed with in one (1) week of order, assuming that the information provided is complete, and that the client is happy with the initial submission of a design scheme. Q: What are the storage limits for my site? A: Typically, websites are often small in terms of file sizes. However, certain kinds of sites, such as forums or Content Management System (CMS) based sites (WordPress®, etc.) can grow quite large quite quickly. Our cap on the site’s size is 2.5GB, and the bandwidth cap for traffic to your site is 5GB a month. As of yet, we have not had any clients who’s sites required more resources than this, but if such a need arises or is desired, a custom quote will be provided for the additional resources needed.  Q:  Why don’t you take on larger clients? A: Wetworks4Biz.com was created to serve the needs of small to medium size businesses and those companies who are just setting out on their own for the first time. The reason for this is because this business segment is glaringly undeserved, and over charged at almost every opportunity. Our goal is to help level the playing field for the little guy, to give you the opportunity to exercise some of the same techniques and tools bigger companies use to gain market share, and to do so within budget.
Q: If you design a logo for me, what is included in the price? A: Your logo design includes the time needed to create four (4) logo styles to choose from, the contract agreement releasing the logo as your property to do with as you please and the original digital files associated with the design’s final draft. It does NOT include trademark filings of any kind, you will need to set that up separately after your logo has been approved and delivered. Additionally, the three proof versions of your logo that are not selected by you will remain the property of Wetworks4Biz.com Q: Do you actually do the printing for print advertising? A: No, we have a special relationship with one of the best printers in the industry who gives us sweetheart pricing that is much lower than what you could obtain directly. We pass these savings on to our clients, and keep our focus on the work we are tasked with for you. Q: Do you have payment plans? A: Yes, payment plans are available for select clients. If you would like more information on what payment arrangements are available, contact us. We will be happy to get back to you as soon as possible. Q: Where did you come up with the name Wetworks4Biz.com? A: Our name is an homage to the military, special operations units. “Wetwork” refers to a specific type of assault tactic on an enemy, and is not all that different from our approach to competition in the market place. We don’t just want to help you succeed, we want to help you defeat your competition.
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