If website hosting is arguably your most important decision (though admittedly the least thought about), your logo is the most important decision you can make for your business that the world will see constantly. Your logo is the first impression as well as the most memorable feature for most of your potential customers, clients & vendors. A logo should do a few different things simultaneously, as well as subconsciously. First, it should tell your potential customers who you are! Next, it should tell them a little bit about what you are offering. Lastly it should instill either a subtle comfort, OR induce the “fight or flight” response, invoking them to “act now” with relation to your company. Which of the two emotional responses you will need can be discovered when we look at your overall goals in combination with your advertising plans and company culture. Wetworks4Biz.com can help you create an effective logo that meets these needs, and well within your budget!
Logo Design
every successful business NEEDS an EFFECTIVE and UNIQUE logo. let us make yours!
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